Laurens Bekemans, BC, Brüssel

<<The act of building>>

Laurens Bekemans, Master of Architecture, since 2018 Co-founder and partner of BC Materials cvba (BE), 2016 - 2017 Guest Lecturer at the German University of Technology in Oman, faculty of Architecture (OM, since 2013 Lecturer at KULeuven, faculty of Architecture, Master I (BE), since 2012 Co-founder and partner of BC Architects bvba (BE), 2011 - 2012 Junior Architect at Synergy International, Brussels (BE), 2009 - 2010 Junior Architect at Wolfgang Rossbauer Architekten Gmbh, Zürich (CH), 2008 - 2011 Freelance designer at Intrastructures bvba, Brussels (BE), since 2006 Co-founder and member of non-profit BC studies vzw (BE)

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